Brief introduction of biodiesel oil

The biodiesel can be used as substitute product of petroleumfuel . It is can be produced by vegetable oil fat and animal fat , but at present , most people using the fatty acid, swilloil , used cooking oil and leftovers which produced in refining process as the materials.

The biodiesel not only can be used for biofuel, it also can be as diesel fuel additive. In recent 20 years, using the vegetable oil to make the biodiesel to instead the petroleumfuel, it already aroused more and more attentions from all over the world. At present, The European and North America countries utilizing the vegetable oil as biodiesel materials, but Japan through recycling used cooking oil to make biodiesel. In recent years, more and more governments and businessmen are utilizing the used cooking oil to produce the biodiesel, the materials price is very advantaged, it also can be efficient utilized the waste, at the meanwhile; it can reduce the pollution of used cooking oil.

In nowadays, biodiesel is already widely applied as engines fuel in tractor, cars, and sedans.

The advantages of biodiesel oil:
Engine is starting at low temperature (-10°C)
It not belongs to dangerous cargo, so it’s easy to transport.
There is less sulfur and aromatic alkyl in biodiesel, so it’s less harmful to human and environment.
As a kind of renewable energy sources, the biodiesel will not finished.
The supply of biodiesel is not controlled by OPEC, its benefit to the stability of international petroleum market.


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