Can you eat the yellow flowers on the palm tree?

1. When the palm tree flower is still in the bud stage, it looks like a fish. It is wrapped with layers of bamboo shoots like shells, and inside, there are tiny buds like roe. Palm tree flower is a kind of very good dish fruit, nutrition is rich, has the medicinal attack effect that reduces inflammation and fire and blood pressure at the same time, raw and ripe can eat. Palm tree flower some is bitter, some are sweet. From the shape, sweet body-wide fat plump, bitter body round thin. Cooking method: Fried diced bacon, braised chicken, soup, ginger, scallion white, pepper, pickled cabbage. The color is delicious and delicious, crisp and refreshing. If someone gives you a plate of palm tree flowers, don’t think it’s fish roe. That but does not have any fertilizer, pesticide pollution of authentic green food.

2: when it is tender, it should be scattered and boiled down to form an astringent taste. It can be mixed with noodles and Fried with brown rice cake.

3: palm, mature into green, very hard, not to eat.


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