Whta’s The Technique Characteristics Of Biodiesel Machinery Equipment?

Our biodiesel machinery equipment technique characteristics:

1.Raw material will be pretreatmented to dehydration continuously, thus to improve esterification(ester exchange) conversion rate, product yield is high;

2.To high acid value oil waste material, we adopt section esterification(ester exchange), this is good to achieve different catalytic reaction with different catalyst, thus to improve on reaction speed and reduce the reaction time;

3.At the process of esterification(ester exchange) reaction, the methanol shall be pumped into the system in overheating and required amount so that to make sure the reaction continues in the state of higher temperature, thus to faster the reaction speed.

4.The mixed gas produced in the process of esterification(ester exchange) and the residue methanol vapour phase when the reaction finished will go into distillate tower, thus to reduce steam and water consumption.

5.Gassing and dehydration beforing high temperature distillation can reduce fatty acid’s oxidation and polymerization lost so that to make sure the product quality.

6.Adopting subsection distillation operation to guaratee primarily distillation can operate smoothly, thus to reduce fatty acid methyl ester retention period at high temperature, also reduce fatty acid methyl’s oxidation and polymerization lost, thus to make sure the residue fatty acid methyl as low as possible in secondary distillation, high product yield.

7.Twice distillation all adopts reduced pressure distillation, thus to reduce fatty acid methyl ester’s oxygenolysis loss;

8.Recoverying water and glycerol from the waste water of the esterification(ester exchange), it can not only recovery high additional value glycerol products but also can reduce enviromental pollution to great extent. Some of the recovery water will be used in biodiesel oil production technology, the rest will be used as the cycling water in vacuum system.


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