Big YZY340 Oil Prepress Expeller

Big-YZY340-Oil-Prepress-ExpellerYZY340 screw press is a new big pre-press which has high rotating speed, thin cake and can get oil both from outside and inside, specially suitable for the pre-pressing and solvent extraction or twice pressing process, it can be used for the pressing of peanut kernel, cottonseed kernel, rapeseed and sunflower seed kernel, etc.

YZY340 is specially designed for pre-pressing process. Under common appropriate preparation condition, it has below highlights:
1. Large production capacity. Relatively, workshop floor area, power consumption, maintenance and operation requirements work of press are saved.
2. The cake is of loose structure, which helps solvent extraction.
3. The oil and water content of cake is suitable for solvent extraction.
4. The crude oil’s quality is better than fullpress or direct extraction.

Big YZY340 Oil Prepress Expeller Technology Data
1. Capacity: above 300T/D(take cottonseed or rapeseed pressing as example)
2. Residual oil content in cake: 11-16%( under appropriate preparation)
3. Motor power: 185Kw, 7.5Kw
4. Net weight: approx 14980KG
5. Dimension: 4935×1523×2664mm


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