YZS-68 Soya Oil Press Machinery

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAThe Model YZS-68 soya oil press Machine can be sued to extract various oil bearing materials like soya beans, peanuts, rape seeds, seasame seeds, palm-seeds and seeds of sunflowers, cottonseeds, tea seeds and tung tree seeds, coconut and olives seeds as well as rice brans etc.

Structure and Feature of the YZS-68 Soya Oil Press Machine

The main structure of YZS-68 soya oil press is composed by one piece of worm shaft and several pieces of screw rings. It adopt two section of pressing in press chamber. According to different raw materials, the oil content of feedstock can be fully extracted out at several times of pressing. The residue of material still content certain oil which have not extracted cleanly. The oil residues are rich in nutrition as a kind of animal food. So the oil residue can be used as a good feedstuff for animals.

This model of oil press machine has simple design,  easy operation, highly productive, conserves energy, has less noise and a high rate of oil output. This soybean oil press  We can also supply complete set of equipment for flour processing and series rice mill with blowing wind.

Specifications of the YZS-68 Oil Press Machine

* Capacity:0.8-1T per 24Hours
* Power:3-Phase 5.5kW & 8HP-1440rpm
* Size:880 x 440 x 765mm
* Weight:140kgMukhtar

Material ModeI YZS-68
Capacity (kg/h) Oil Output Rate(%) Output Efficiency
Soya beans 28-37 10-16 61-65
Peanut Kernel 45-60 35-45 91-92
Rape Seed 45-60 30-38 82-85
Cotton Seed 50-60 12-14 65-72

The oil extracted out from YZS-68 oil press machine is only crude oil, which need more process such as filtering, simple refining. Then the oil can be edible oil for cooking. So it is very convenient for home using. It have only 5.5kw power consumption. So the power can be electricity or diesel generator. For biodiesel lovers, they can make biodiesel by themselves at home by using the machine.This type of soybean oil press machine has advantage of simple design, easy to operate and low maintenance. At the same time it can be designed into c series and A series.

 YZS-68a Soya Oil Press Machinery  YZS-68c Soya Oil Press Machinery
YZS-68A Soya Oil Press MachineSize: 930 x 575x 1055
Power: 4-5.5Kw
Capacity: 50kg/h
Product Produce: It’s matched with gearbox for saving power and not any noise when working.
YZS-68C Soya Oil Press MachineSize: 930 x 490 x 820
Power: 5.5kw
CAPACITY: 30-50kg/h
Product Produce:
Suitable for extracting vegetable oil from different oil-materials, such as peanuts, rapeseeds, sesame seeds, soybeans, cottonseeds, tea seeds, tung tree seeds, sunflower seeds, palm seeds, olive, coconut meat, corn pummels, etc.

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