TXP165 Dry Extruder

TXP160-Dry-ExtruderTXP165 Dry Extruder Main Technical Data
1. Capacity(kg/h): rice bran 1100-1300 soybean 1300-1800 feed 1100-1300
2. Rotating speed of main shaft(r/min): 630
3. Feeding shaft speed(r/min): 200-400
4. Main motor power(kw): 75
5. Feeding motor power(kw): 2.2
6. Electric power consumption(kw·h/t): rice bran<55 soybean<42 feed<55
7. Noise dB(A): <80
8. Processing temperature(℃): 80-130
9. Dimension(L×W×H): 2150×2100×1280mm
10. Weight(kg): 1980

Above specification for reference only, actual numbers and functions are subject to instruction manual.
There maybe slight difference between pictures and actual products during the site construction.


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