Crude Palm Oil Production Process

Crude Palm Oil Production ProcessType: palm fruit/bench oil pressing

Processing Material: Palm fruit

Processing Capacity: 5-120TPH






crude palm oil process chart

Crude Palm Oil Mill Process Introduction:

1.Weighing.Palm fruit into the factory after truck weighing,ease of production costing and after the settlement.
2.Loading ramp.FFB after a ramp sieved to remove impurities into the transport machinery delivery to sterilization tank.
3.Sterilization.The use of high temperatures to cook soft fruit bunches and sterilization (145 ℃ ,90-120 minutes), easy to separate fruit bunches fruit, soft fruit, increasing the humidity of the fruit.
4.Threshing.FFB has softened in sterilization process.After machine and screening beating off the fruit,palm fruit and empty fruit bunches (EFB) separation.
5.Empty fruit bunches.After delivery hoarding,EFB shipped orchard as fertilizer or fuel,it can also be used for other purposes.
6.Crushing.Fruit is broken through mash tank mixing and extrusion.
7.Pressing.The crushed fruit screw extrusion leaching by the press.
8.Separate the nut and fiber.Mostly of the fiber should be separated by pneumatic fiber depericarper System. The nut, little fiber and big impurity will be further separated by the polishing drum. The separated nut should be sent to nut hopper through the pneumatic nut transport system
9.Shell and nut.Adopt the ripple mill to crack the nut, after cracking , most of the shell and kernel will be separated by cracked mixture separating system, and the rest of mixture of kernel & shell enter to the special clay bath separating system to separate them, after this processing , we could get pure kernel(The shell content in kernel <6%),which should be conveyed to the kernel silo to dry.After dried moisture as 7%, the kernel will be conveyed to kernel storage bin for storage; Usually the dry kernel’s capacity ratio is 4% . So it should be collected until enough quantity, and then be sent to the palm kernel oil mill; For the separated shell, it should be conveyed to shell temporary bin as the spare boiler fuel.
10.Oil clarification.After screen and sand trap tank, the palm oil should be sent to crude oil tank and heat , then be pumped continuous clarification tank to separate the purified oil which be sent to pure oil tank and the sludge oil which be sent to sludge tank .
11.oil transportation.According to the actual situation,make crude palm oil pipeline.
12.Water Treatment.Generally introduced from a nearby river,water throught settling, filtration, dosing and other processes to ensure that the water quality, but also to ensure oil quality.
13.Power system.Power is use of steam power generation turbine generator and also equipped with diesel generators.

Crude palm oil standard:
FFA :≦ 5 %
Moisture :≦0.1 %
Dirt:≦0.02 %


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