Steam-supply Station

steam-supplyThe fuel of the boiler is fiber, Part of the steam out from the furnace supply to the turbine generator. The rest of the steam for equipment-running supply.










The equipment list of boiler house:

1.Steam Boiler
2.Back Pressur Vessel c/w Platform
3.Back Pressure Vessel Control System
4.Fibre&Shell Conveyor Structural Support
5.Fibre&Shell Conveyor
6.Excess Fuel Conveyor
7.Boiler Fuel Feeding Conveyor
8.Fuel Storage Moving Floor
9.Inclined Fuel Recycle Scraper Conveyor
10.Softener Booster Pump
12.Boiler Feed Water Tank
13.Deaerator Booster Pump
14.Thermal Deaerator c/w Platform
15.Thermal Deaerator Pump
16.Boiler Dosing System(Stirrer&Tank)


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