Soap Double-Layer Double-Screw Vacuum Plodder

Technical Parameters: Material: Carbon steel/ Parts touched the soap are made of SS 304; Capacity: 500/1000-2000/2000-3000/3000-3500 kg/hr; Screw Diameter: Φ 200 mm x 1 / Φ 230 mm x 2 / Φ 250 mm x 2 / Φ 300 mm x 2; Power: top: 5.5 kW, bottom: 7.5 kW (adjustable) / top: 11 kW, bottom:

Soap Electronic Cutting Machine

Technical Parameters: Type:  EC-42 Size & Weight:  Adjusted by customer’s requirements Power:  2 kW, 380 V, 50 HZ Capacity:   The same speed with vacuum plodder Mould:   One set Dimension:   1000×400×1200 mm Weight:    100 kg     Soap electronic cutting machine is used to cut soaps into cakes and stamp patterns on the soap. Adopt Delta

Soap Vacuum Drying System

Capacity: 1000-10000 kg/hr Vacuum drying system is a key part of the soap production line. The main function is to dry and cool the liquid saponified soap base to solid soap noodles. The vacuum drying system can control the fatty acid content (the active ingredient), thus to control the product’s quality and the materials consumption.