LYZX18 Cold Oil Press Machinery

LYZX18 Cold Oil Press Machinery

LYZX18 low-temperature press is a first generation low-temperature screw expeller which is jointly developed by us and Wuhan polytechnic University, special good for the low-temperature processing of various kinds of vegetable oil-bearing crops. The highlights are low pressing temperature, high oil get rate, low residual oil content in cake, light color, high quality and nutrition

LYZX24 Cold Oil Press Machinery

LYZX24 Cold Oil Press Machinery

LYZX24 low-temperature screw expeller is applicable for the low-temperature production of vegetable oil, oil-bearing crops such as rapeseed, husked rapeseed kernel, peanut kernel, chinaberry seed, teaseed kernel, sunflower seed kernel, cotton seed kernel, etc. can be pressed. Technology data: 1. Motor Power: 30+5.5(4)+3KW 2. Net weight: 6300(5900)KG 3. Dimension: 3180×1850×3980(3430)mm 4. Production Capacity: 20-25T/D 5.

ZY202-3 Screw Oil Expeller

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: Pre-press Expeller Model 202, a screw press for continuous production, is suitable either for production procedure of “pre-pressing-sovent extracting” or tandem pressing and for processing materials of high oil content, such as peanuts. cottonseed, rapeseed, sunflower-seed and etc. FEATURES: 1. High capacity, less installation space, little power consumption and simple control&maintenance. 2. Pre-pressed

Canola Oil Press Machine With Diesel Engine

The screw oil press machine with diesel engine is also very popular in a lot of areas. We are glad to match it if you need. The picture is also taken by our client. The product oil can be edible or also for making biodiesel as fuel. The byproduct oil cake/meal can be made for

Canola Oil Press Machine With Electric Heater and Control Cabinet

This kind of oil screw press machine includes the electrical heater and control cabinet. The control cabinet can be used for both motor and heater. The heater, however is to heat the machine before pressing the oil bearing materials. Besides, the heater is also helpful for increasing oil output. Especially for lower oil-bearing oilseeds, such

Sesame Oil Pressing Machinery

The YZS-30 sesame oil pressing machine is practically suitable for expelling sesame seed. It is small in size, easy to operate. It can automatically expel and filter the oil simultaneously with a high rate of oil production and greater oil yield. Usage of the YZS-30 Sesame Oil Pressing Machine Our sesame oil pressing machine is

YZS-68 Soya Oil Press Machinery

The Model YZS-68 soya oil press Machine can be sued to extract various oil bearing materials like soya beans, peanuts, rape seeds, seasame seeds, palm-seeds and seeds of sunflowers, cottonseeds, tea seeds and tung tree seeds, coconut and olives seeds as well as rice brans etc. Structure and Feature of the YZS-68 Soya Oil Press

6YL-95A Automatic Oil Pressing Machinery

6YL-95A automatic oil press machine is a new type of oil processing machinery. It is a kind of advanced automatic oil press combined with heating, pressing and filtering equipment. This type of oil press could be widely applied for processing rapeseeds, cottons, soybeans, peanuts, sesames, sunflowers, tung seeds, palm kernel and other granulated oil materals,

YZS-120 Oil Pressing Machinery

The YZS-120 oil pressing machinery is an advanced oil press machine, the structure is simple, the operation is easy and convenient, wide suitability and continuous operation, high productivity and high oil output rate. What’s more, this type of oil pressing machinery is suitable for cold pressing or hot pressing any oil seeds and oil plant,

Model 200A-3 Seed Oil Expeller

Capacity: 8-10T/D Power: 18.5kw Weight: 5000 kg Dimension: 2850×1850×3270mm Model 200A-3 seed oil expeller is an ISO9001 approved oil expelling equipment, which is able to press a great number of oil bearing materials from vegteable seeds and nuts, such as peanut kernel, sesame, cottonseed kernel, soybean, coconut, tea seed, sunflower seed, rapeseed and the like.