Two-Shafts SYZX12 Cold Oil Expeller

Two-Shafts-SYZX12-Cold-Oil-ExpellerThe Two-shafts Low-temperature Expeller SYZX12 is a new product which is invented from our brand new technology. In the pressing cage there are two parallel pressing shafts with contracry rotating direction. The design can get high compression ratio and oil gain, the oil pass can self clean. The machine is suitable for both low and high temperature pressing of vegetable oil-bearing crops such as husked rapeseed kernel, peanut kernel, sunflower seed kernel, chinaberry seed kernel, perilla seed kernel, etc. It’s quit good for the pressing of special oil-bearing crops.

Technical Data
1. Electric motor power:18.5+1.1Kw
2. Net weight:4300Kg
3. Dimension:3580×1000×2380mm
4. Capacity: 4-6T/D(Low-temperature pressing)
5. Dry cake oil residual:4-6.5%(The low-temperature pressing of teaseed),6-10%(High-temperature pressing)

SYZX12 is applicable for both low-temperature and high-temperature oil production, under reasonable processing condition, it has below highlights:
1. Reasonable structure, easy maintenance, sturdy and durable;
2. Self-equipped cooker;
3. Automatic continuously working.


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