STXP304 Wet Extruder

STXP203-Wet-ExtruderSTXP304 Wet Extruder is applicable for the extruding of low oil content crops such as rice bran and soybean or pressed cake before solvent extraction, is an ideal production process for the purpose of reducing equipment investment, raising production, reducing energy consumption and improving product quality of oil plants worldwide.

Working principle
The oil material is squeezed, heated, sheared and rubbed in the extruding cavity of the machine, and mixed, steamed, gelatinized by injected direct steam, the pressure in extruding cavity will reach 1.4-4.0 MPa, the temperature reachs 110-120℃, at the die head outlet suddenly reduce to normal pressure and temperature, the steam vaporizes abruptly, oil in seed cell run outside then, and extruded material with numberless minus holes and cracks got.And because of such extruding effects, the permeating of solvent through cells and permeating of oil out from cells both become easier, so the extraction and desolventizing process both get more efficient, the unit weight of material is raised about 30% , so the production capacity of extractor is also raised. The stay period of material in the extruding machine is less than 30 seconds, so the damage of the content of material is little, which helps the protection of the quality of material.

STXP304 Wet Extruder Technology Data
Diameter of extruding cavity: 304mm
RPM of main shaft: 287
Weight: approx. 4100kg
Capacity: 600-1200T/D
Steam consumption: rice bran: 22-30kg/T soybean: 22-28kg/T
Motor power: main motor: 132/160kW


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