Small Centrifuge Vegetable Oil Filtering Machines

small-centrifuge-vegetable-oil-filtering-machinesWorking Principle:

Centrifuge oil filtering machine, separate the phospholipid colloid impurities and toxic ingredients from crude oil by automatic solid-liquid separation, under the centrifugal force from high-speed rotating drum. The purified oil flattered from the drum when it stopped rotating.

Description of the Design:

Application of the high science and technology, the drum requires high balance, slightly deviation will cause the high speed rotating of the drum as a vibrator, which will make the oil shock, eventually liquid-solid resonance occurs, although we have the protection of the outer protector to keep away from the danger, it will cause internal parts damage.

The tank is simplified by special touch pressure forming, after fine grinding and die-vibration, and inside and outside fine workmanship by the axial movement of the centripetal force to balance the centrifugal force, and solve the problem of the balance of high speed rotation drum. Keep the balanced operation of the machine,with stable security, safety performance .This machine is equipped with damping device of domestic initiation.


1,Check whether the fasteners are secure, inject lubricating oil are in good condition.
2,Check whether the motor rotation direction is correct, after turning on the power supply, close the “power switch”,  press the “start” button after three indicator showing bright, Check if the drum rotation direction is same as the marked direction on machine, if it’s opposite to the marked direction, please simply switch location the power connection of any two wire, then restart operation.
3, Start the motor, add the crude oil which in good hydration from the funnel when the machine run stably. 15-25KG per time, the machine will automatically stop after reaching the set time. Then let the net oil out.
4, When clean the oil residue, remove the feed hopper, clean the oil residue within the drum directly .
Note:Clean the oil residue clear to prevent the unbalance of drum when working, and do not dismantle the drum when cleaning, so as not to affect the next operation.
5. No need to dismantle any part of the machine, we can start the next operation.
The oil treated by this equipment should be clear and transparent, or it is likely to be oil was mixed with water too much or too little, too much oil moisture content exceeds and the oil showing turbidity , then you should reduce the water correspondingly. If too little water,  the colloid phospholipids impurities of oil cannot fully reacted, the processed oil contains some impurities, should be appropriately increased water injection.
6,The temperature of the crude oil should be kept at 60 ℃, 80 ℃ when processing, add 1.5-2% crude oil weight salt water to the crude oil, salt water brine concentration 5%,temperature 90-100 ℃, stirring for 2 minutes and then standing for 5 minutes. Start the refining machine and pour the oil, oil refining machine electricity power will automatically power off after 2 minutes, the refined oil will automatically flowed out when it stopped operation.
7,Normally the oil will no longer contain residue after processing,but if added crude oil exceeds the limitation one time, there will be a little bit residue discharging with the oil. In this case, please decrease the amount for each time. To re-filter the not oil again and remove the residue.

Main Characteristics:

1, Simply operation, 7-8 minutes for each single process, 15-25KG each time, clean the residue after processing 150-250KG totally. ( depends on the oil type and residue content.)
2, No need the filter cloth, so filter cloth washing and consumption, can be used for a long time without any other material cost.
3, Power-saving. The power will be automatically off when started for 2 minutes. The separating of residue is under the centrifugal force, reduce the power cost.
4, Superior to other filtering device, like the frame type filter will have to change filter cloth and the wash them again and again or even remove new cloth when it out of order. The oil will have a high purity , clean and clear after the separating, which can be used or cooked directly.
5, Rapid Separation of the phospholipid colloid impurities which solve the problem of frothing and spilling problem of other oil filtering device.
6, Safe and reliable.The equipment with nice design, beautiful appearance, structure compactness, smooth operation, higher safety performance, the treatment effect is better than other filtering equipment.

Special Note:
1, Please keep the temperature of crude oil at 60-80℃, add different amount water to different oil and mixing for 2 minutes, add to the drum and start working.
2, Insure the drum rotates the same direction with the mark arrow on machine.
3, Place the machine on a flat and firm floor.
4, Casual disassembling is forbidden, otherwise the device might not work properly
5, Please do not touch the machine or drum when it working , in the case of the personal injury.
6,Forbid to add or remove anything from the drum, in case of the drum lose balance and broken with serious consequences.
7, Please do not start the machine when dismantle the hopper.


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