Biomass Wood Sawdust Pellet Machine

Biomass-Wood-Sawdust-Pellet-MachineRaw material for sawdust pellet machine

Wood pellet machine mainly used for making wood, sawdust straw, cotton stalk, rice husk, peanut shell, bamboo pellet fuel.

Features of sawdust pellet machine

Biomass energy pellet mill, All the research and development, designing and produced by ourselves. It is mainly used for wood,straw, cotton stalk, rice husk, peanut shell, bamboo, empty fruit branch, pulverized coal and waste paper etc. Advantages of our products is structure closely, easy to use, run stably, Advantages of pellets is high density, high fuel value, low moisture and low ash content. Gearbox of pellet mills running by high precision gears, Automatic Lubricant pump working between gearbox and main shaft bearing. To guarantee the bearing long life.

Main parameter of sawdust pellet machine

Model Output capacity




Pellet size (mm) Dynamic




Package weight


9PK-200 100-120 7.5 6-8 Gear box 1.0*0.45*0.85 350
9PK-250 200-250 15 6-8 Gear box 1.2*0.55*1.05 550
9PK-300 250-350 22 6-12 Gear box 1.35*0.6*1.2 750
9PK-350 300-500 30 6-30 Gear box 1.65*0.7*1.3 1000
9PK-450 500-700 37 6-30 Gear box 1.8*1.0*1.3 1450
9PK-550 800-1000 45 6-30 Gear box 2.0*1.0*1.5 200
9PK-800 1500-2000 90 6-30 Gear box 2.3*1.1*2.1 3900
9PK-1000 2500-3000 110 6-30 Gear box 2.35*1.15*2.2 4800


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