Plate And Frame Oil Filter Press Machine

Plate-And-Frame-Oil-Filter-Press-MachineFilter press can be divided into frame filter press and recessed filter press. It is a kind fo pressure filtration equipment for intermittent operation, being appalicable in any solid-liquid seperation for suspengding liquid. It depends on compaction device to press filter press then push the suspending liquid into chamber room by the pump, the filtration cloth can separate the solid and liquid material.

It has the feature of simple structure, good separating effect, convenient operation, wide range of application. It is widely used in fields of coal washing, alchol, petroleum, chemical industry, dyeing, metallurgy, medicine, food, textile, industrial sewage and urban domestic sewage treatment. Our company manufactures all kinds of filter press, hydraulic filter press.

Suitable for clearing and filtering the different plant rude-oil, also it could clear the waste water, waste cooking oil. Use the smaller mesh filtering cloth, which could be used for clearing the biodiesel oil.

It also used for separating the bleaching oil.

It has manual operation, and hydraulic type for your choice.

Main Data

Model 6LB-630 oil filter machine
Filter plate size 630*630mm
Frame numbers 24pcs
Plate numbers 30pcs
Filter area 30m2
Filter room volume 59litre
Filter pressure 0.4MPA
Air Compressor 0.3-0.5m3/m
Diaphragm Pump 1 inch
Size(L*W*H) 4m*1.4m*1.3m
Weight: 2.9T


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